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Class Name: Geometry
Teacher: Rogelio Franco
Location: 222
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Due: Tomorrow
Triangles and Proof Test

See previous post for study plans on mathxl.

Tue 12/10- Per 1,3,7 Quiz redemption is also due
Wed 12/11- Per 2,4,6 Quiz redemption is also due

Print out notes for Thur & Fri

Due: Tomorrow
You Triangle and Proof Test will be on Tuesday 12/10- per 1-3-7 or Wed 12/11- per 2-4-6

Attached is a review on Proofs.

Here are the study plans for the Triangle and Proof Test:


Due: Dec 17 (Tue)
Proof Test Redemption-

Please complete the attached packet.
If you dont print it out, then you must write and draw everything!!!

For #11, do in 6 steps.
For #12, do in 5 steps.
For #13, do in 5 steps.

Due date; periods 1,3,7 it is due on Monday, 12/16
periods 2,4,6 it is due on Tuesday, 12/17