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Homework Due
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Class Name: Period 6, Grade 6 Reading Advanced
Teacher: Ana L. Sanchez
Location: Portable 5
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Due: Today
Online submissions not permitted.
The Westing Game Final Test 

  • Students please STUDY using your Notes and STUDY GUIDE we did together in class. 
  • Attached you can find the study guide in case you were absent or missed some information. 

Due: Mar 1 (Sun)
Online submissions not permitted.
I-Ready Lessons Week 11 (2/24-3/1)
If you have Teacher Assigned Lessons PLEASE WORK ON THOSE FIRST ! 
  • 1 Lesson Passed 100%
  • 1 Lesson Completed but not passed 60% 
  • 1 Lesson Started but not completed 50%
  • Nothing Done 30% 
  • Usernames and Passwords should be written down on your Notes Journals :
Usernames:First Initial of your First Name and First Initial of your Last Name all CAPITAL LETTERS and last 6 digits of your student ID
Password: student (lower case letters)

Example: AS526241