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Class Name: Physical Science
Teacher: Linna Chacon
Location: 428
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Due: Apr 6 (Mon)
Online submissions not permitted.
Dear students,

Please print the attached document for next week (8 pages)

Due: Mar 30 (5 days ago)
Online submissions not permitted.

If you need help, I am going to be available from 1-2pm to go over Calculating the Average Atomic Mass Number

Due: Mar 17
See you guys tomorrow on zoom

Period 1 9:00am - 9:30am
Period 3 9:30am - 10:15am

Here is the link for my virtual classroom

I need to take attendance. Do not worry about gizmos for now. We need to test how this virtual classroom works first.

Due: Mar 16
Online submissions not permitted.

1. phases of the moon
2. eclipse
Due: Mar 5
Online submissions not permitted.
Please bring one small ziplock bag and your card design (first draft)
Due: Mar 4
Online submissions not permitted.

45 minutes to 1 hour

Final Project due 3/13/20


Do you like arts and crafts projects like drawing, painting, cutting shapes out of construction paper, or origami? Instead of drawing that bright sun or lights in a house, imagine adding real lights to your artwork! This project will show you how, by introducing you to the world of electronics with "paper circuits."

I will provide the following for each student:
Copper tape, coin cell batteries, small LEDs, construction paper

Additional materials student may need:
Construction paper
Paper clip or binder clip
Markers, colored pencils, or crayons

Check the following links to get ideas. Please do not just copy. Come up with your own unique design.

2 o more lights - TUTORIAL
Due: Mar 4
Online submissions not permitted.
Packet Electric Induction due
Due: Feb 24
Online submissions not permitted.
Packet Chapter 22 page 3-4
Questions # 8 is for extra credit

Genius Channel: Michael Faraday: The Experiment 19 min

Faraday's Electromagnetic Lab
Due: Feb 20
Online submissions not permitted.
Workbook pages 1-2-3 due 2/20
Packet pages 1-2 due 2/21

Due: Feb 20
Online submissions not permitted.
Chapter 22 - packet page 1-2 MAGNETIC EARTH

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