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Class Name: P4 - Robots, Level 1
Teacher: Amy Trigoura
Location: Room 423
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Due: Mar 20
Online submissions not permitted.
Ok here is your virtual lesson and work for this week. Use this program called "Grasshopper" either on your phone (app) or on your computer. Grasshopper lets you learn to code. It is NOT RobotC and it is NOT for robots. But it IS something that everyone can do easily while at home. 

I have tried it - it's easy and kinda fun. Send me your questions or comments when you begin to use it. 

Due: Mar 17
Online submissions not permitted.

My Zoom Information:

Amy Trigoura

My teacher website: (dial in) 564-648-1904

Website to attend class online:

When it is time for science class, you just click on the link above. 

Due: Mar 6
Online submissions not permitted.
On Friday, your website for Task #1 Spinning Sign is due. Make a new tab called Task #1 Spinning Sign

Here's what must be there for the full grade: 
1. 2 photos, top and side (best side that shows the sign)
2. video of the sign working with the two buttons
3. Complete code: 
  • Heading: Task #1 Spinning Sign
  • Task Description: 2-3 sentences describing what you had to do (you can get this from the PLTW website)
  • Pseudocode (comments in green)
  • Motor & Sensor Setup (pragma statements at the top of your code_
  • Program - the actual program that enables your robot to work

Due: Feb 27
Online submissions not permitted.
Tomorrow you will have your test on RobotC coding. Here are three things you can use to study: 

1. Your own PLTW / Google website. 

The test will consist of a worksheet packet that I give you. There will be open-ended questions, matching, and multiple choice. 27 questions total. You will not be able to have any notes for the test. So study and memorize your information. 

Due: Feb 21
Due Friday, Feb 21st (before class begins)

Log in with your username and password. Go to Activity 3.3 "Using RobotC." 

Then open another tab and go to your Google Website. Make a new page and name it "Using RobotC."
Copy and paste the questions #1-16
Then watch the short videos to answer the questions. 

There is a part called "Conclusion" that you do NOT have to do. 

Due: Feb 19
Online submissions not permitted.

Website we're using in class today. 

Due: Feb 7
Online submissions not permitted.
Websites for Pull Toy due Friday Feb 7. 

Necessary parts: 
*Heading: Pull Toy*
1. One paragraph describing your robot / pull toy
2. List each team member (including yourself) and their contributions
3. discuss one difficulty and your solution
4. photos, minimum of two, should be from the top and from the side
5. video of you pulling the pull toy

Due: Feb 6
Online submissions not permitted.
Due: Jan 24
Online submissions not permitted.
Extra Credit for all classes - for ONE classroom supply from the following list: 
*paper towels
*hand sanitizer
*pack of dry erase markers

You don't have to bring me ALL of the supplies. Just one supply. If you would like parent volunteer hours, then please attach the receipt to the supplies. 
Due Friday, Jan 24th by the end of the school day. 

Due: Jan 16
Online submissions not permitted.
The 2nd Quarter ends this Thursday. No homework due this week. Report cards will be out in about 2 weeks. 

Parents - you can sign up for electronic report cards that get delivered right to you. Instructions HERE

Register to Opt-Out

·         Log on to the Parent Portal via

·         Click the "Go Paperless" button

·         Select the box under sign up for "Paperless Student Report Card"

·         Click "Submit"

Once registered, you will no longer receive a printed report card or interim progress report.

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