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Class Name: Comprehensive Science 1
Teacher: Gabriela Perez
Location: 2
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Due: Tomorrow
Online submissions not permitted.
1. Complete Natural Disaster Mini Project (paper was given in class)

*You can make it however you want - booklet style, foldable style, SMALL poster board (14x22 size) etc.

1. Title: Types of Natural Disasters
2. Picture of the Natural Disaster (provided for you) - You can print your own if you'd like
3. Name of the Natural Disaster
4. Definition (what it is)
5. 3 ways to prepare for each Natural Disaster.. If there is no way to prepare, write 3 things you can do to be safe during the natural disaster
6. One "fun" fact about each Natural Disaster

Due: Dec 16 (Mon)
Online submissions not permitted.
1. Chapter 5 Test will be on this day

Due: 1/7/2020
Online submissions not permitted.
1. Your Mid-term will be on this day

Due: 5/29/2020
Online submissions not permitted.

-Hand Sanitizer

-Paper Towels


-Clorox/Lysol Wipes

-Dry Erase Markers

**Turn in your receipt with your name and ID number to receive VOLUNTEER HOURS!