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Class Name: 7th Grade English Language Arts
Teacher: Kara Nulph
Location: Room 132
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Due: Tomorrow
Online submissions not permitted.
In the "Address to Members of the British Parliament" packet, do:

'Check Your Understanding' Questions #1-2
For #1: 
  • Choose about 5-6 words from the passage  (bolded and/or underlined words).
  • Then write the definition for each word.
*Note: (Bolded words need to be looked up. Underlined definitions are provided in the packet.)

For #2:
  • Select some of the words you just defined and use them in sentences to describe the main idea of the passage in a paragraph.

Next, do all 6 of the "Knowledge and Understanding" and "Craft and Structure" questions found along the sides of the 'third read' passage.
  • You MAY write on the packet, but I recommend doing this part on a separate sheet of paper in order to have enough room.


Due: Feb 28 (Fri)
Online submissions not permitted.
The Little Prince Vocabulary

We are starting the book "The Little Prince" in class soon. To prepare for this, I have assigned vocabulary for all 7th grade classes. I have also provided a link to Quizlet online flashcards with the words and definitions for those who would like to use them to study.

The quiz for Vocabulary will be on Friday, February 28th.

We will go over vocabulary in class on 2/18 and will continue to touch back, but it is ultimately YOUR responsibility to study for the quiz! These words are important to know in order to understand parts of the book.