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Homework Due
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Class Name: 7th Grade Advanced Reading
Teacher: Nicole Valle
Location: 134
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Due: Today
Online submissions not permitted.
iReadt Diagnostic #2 Data Chat:

A Day - Monday 12/9/19
B Day - Tuesday 12/10/19
1st Period - Monday & Tuesday 12/9/19 -12/10/19

  • Please print 1 copy of the Data Chat Sheet so I can meet with you one on one to discuss last iReady Diagnostic scores in depth.
  • If you have questions, you can ask me during the Data Chat Session.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions, its the only way to make things clear.

Please Remember:
  1. This will count as a grade! It is your responsibility to keep this paper throughout the entire school year, being that we will meet various times throughout the year.
  2. If you lose the data chat sheet, you need to reprint it and get the data information from me. 
  3. The document needs to be printed out. If there is a printing issue, please speak to me. 

Due: Today
Online submissions not permitted.
Wordly Wise - Lesson 5 - Study Websites

Quiz Dates:
Period 1: December 9, 2019
Period 3: December 10, 2019

Please make sure you are studying daily!! (Do NOT wait until the last minute to study!

Due: Dec 12 (Thu)
Online submissions not permitted.
My Sister's Keeper Journal Notes/ Study Guide: 
  1. I have attached a study guide for the chapters we have read (Chapters 1-16)
  2. Please go through the vocabulary and questions.
  3. Answer them in your journal, be sure to title them by chapter.
  4. This will count as your notes for a GRADE!! Please make sure you complete this! 

Your Test for My Sister's Keeper will be on: 

December 12, 2019.